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Mature content
No Title Yet 6 :iconladytl:LadyTL 0 4
Mature content
No Title Yet 5 :iconladytl:LadyTL 1 0
City of Pennsic
its funny how one finds comfort
in such the strangest of things
in alleys and dumpsters
in the roar of the highways
in the shrill whistle of trains
in high crime and gangs
in needing to lock up your stuff
in the cry of ambulences, police
in smog
in pollution
in city streets that go on forever
in leatherowrking
in forbidden modern transportation
in finding your wallet outside your tent
exactly how you left it
sounds of the highway and drums
soothing you to sleep
in sleeping in ice cold tents at night
only to wake up to a sweltering heat
in having to drive anywhere
in having to walk everywhere
its funny the places we call home
The City
The Pennsic
Total opposites
yet exactly the same
in the City of Pennsic
in my mind
:iconladytl:LadyTL 0 1
A Perfect Day
Light breeze
ruffling skirt
streaking clouds
unblocked sun
cool air
warm light
Scent of growth
what a perfect day
:iconladytl:LadyTL 0 0
This Needs No Title
sitting in the sun
eyes closed in warmth
remonencing about days gone by
pennsic and parks
even the air smells the same
same sounds
same light
same feel of the wind
makes me wish I was there
there to walk barefoot
along the dirt paths
to listen to the sound
of bike tires kissing cement
good times long gone past
ache of longing
time to go on again
:iconladytl:LadyTL 0 0
This Has No Title
aching in my akin
knawing at my stomach
my needs, my wants
left desolate in the wake
cash kings taunting
burdens on love
too easy to give in
just want peace
:iconladytl:LadyTL 0 0
No Title Again
anger, frustration, hurt
by lazy ineptitude
of fools in education
forcing me into plagerism
lies, betrayl, hatred
system against me
no way out
no hope or sanity
so much for integrity
:iconladytl:LadyTL 0 0
Another No Title
Darkness surrounds me
This life away from love
I cry out for peace
Get only distant answers
Taunted by closeness
Couple around me
Hope comes in week long visits
Only to be met with pain
Skin desires contact
Something to say what's real
Alone except in the mind
Chrushing despair
Needs, hopes, desires
Lost until reunited
:iconladytl:LadyTL 0 0
No Title
bad luck at my heels
rotten karma for 14 years
had misery & pain for most my life
had nothing horror & strife
finally free, finally hope
no longer dangling at the end of my rope
all of my luck seemingly good
keep it that way I hope it would
happiness occupying my brain
relaxation and peace replacing shame
travel and love within my reach
no evil parents acting the leech
bad luck turning upside down
a giant smile replacing frowns
:iconladytl:LadyTL 0 0
Mature content
No Title yet 4 :iconladytl:LadyTL 1 2
Mature content
No title yet 3 :iconladytl:LadyTL 1 2
Mature content
no title yet 2 :iconladytl:LadyTL 1 2
Mature content
No title yet 1 :iconladytl:LadyTL 2 2
Shapes 20 by LadyTL Shapes 20 :iconladytl:LadyTL 0 0 Shapes 21 by LadyTL Shapes 21 :iconladytl:LadyTL 0 2 Totem Pole Raven by LadyTL Totem Pole Raven :iconladytl:LadyTL 1 0

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the beauty and the beast by oetzy the beauty and the beast :iconoetzy:oetzy 12 39
Reanda: A History Chapter 2
Chapter Two: The Ansin Wars
" It is found in history that the true changes are made by a single person. Never has this been so true as in the Ansin wars."- Pryor Mutanka, Historian
It was in the 10th year of Mekrab that the peace ended. It was the first year of the reign of Illusen; daughter of Tahriz. During her coronation an earthquake struck the island kingdom. A small portion broke off and fell into the sea. Calling to Passatoul for aid, the council that had been emplaced, as the final will of their queen, used their power to raise the sunken land. However, due to a botched calculation, the land arose from the depths away form the island nation from whence they came. These Islands renamed in honor of the original island, became debated territory.
Driandre the only of the five still alive, quickly moved his people in and claimed the islands in his name. War was eminent, but Mananon, descendent of Manaleke, was able to negotiate a truce between the two kingdoms. Driandre, in e
:iconl337-master-zoinq:l337-Master-Zoinq 1 1
Reanda: A History Chapter 1
Chapter The First: The Creation of the Five Kingdoms
"The four kingdoms were not always apart. Before the Ansin Wars, the world was whole, and all the lands were good." – From a Abbreviated History of Reanda
In the beginning, there was nothing, the world was æther, existing in potential. This is what Zahkar found. Molding the æther, Zahkar built the world; the continent of Arkriad and the island of Karin were molded into the globe. For the lands, the beauty of the heavens was harnessed, and the land was made whole, pristine soil, primal mountains and an impossible sky. For the waters, the æther was distilled, and the oceans were fresh, the rivers clean. Then Zahkar prepared the land for his children, Creating valleys and hills, sculpting trees and creating animals for food. Plants were infused with his spirit, so that his children would never go hungry, and their beauty a comfort in dark times.
Looking on to his creation, Zahkar made the first of the sentient species, the Darhr
:iconl337-master-zoinq:l337-Master-Zoinq 1 0
Musings on the Absurd
Musings of a mad man. Albert Camus once said that life is based upon the absurd. (Why as a Teen would I read Camus for fun, the world may never know.) Setting out to prove this theory wrong, I have inadvertently proved it right. Time after time, the Absurd pops up and it is my thought that Douglas Adams summed it up with his Immortal "42." A correct answer to a flawed question, for perhaps that is what life it truly about?
For those that have made it this far, welcome, for those that have decided to leave, I hope you have luck where ever you go, and that dreams of what might have been haunt your dreams. Within this musings of a Teen on deep subjects, such as life, religion, and history. Thought the questions are deep, the answers share no such guarantee.
I have found that all Teens, whether they admit it or not, are inherently religious. How can one brave the trials of High School without faith in some deity or another? Me, I tried to worship Cthulhu, but that didn't work out to well;
:iconl337-master-zoinq:l337-Master-Zoinq 2 3
Waiting in the Dark by l337-Master-Zoinq Waiting in the Dark :iconl337-master-zoinq:l337-Master-Zoinq 1 5
Sestina For the Ages
Clouds move across the sky
Pushed by an unseen wind
Laden with rain
Ready to be released in waves
To feed new trees
That have sprouted this day.
An angry wind
Launches the rain
Into maturing trees
Ready to cause destruction. The day
Has surrendered to the waves
Of light, rolling across the sky
There is a lull in the rain
As an arid sun rises. Trees
Scream in agony waiting for the day
To end. In the sky
Clouds dance among the wind
Gathering walls of sand in waves.
Fleeting memories of the day
Are lost in waves
Of emotion traveling in an impartial wind
Feelings sprout like trees
Towards the sky
As thoughts fall like rain.
Ancient trees
Reach to the sky
Reveling in the waves
Of light and rain
That has arrived today
Un-accosted by the wind.
Pushed in waves
Slowly the hours of the day
Move into oblivion, setting into the sky.
The symphony of the wind
Dies with the end of the rain
Slowly settling into the quiet trees.
Day has set in the sky
And the wind and waves
Unopposed bring rain, as the
:iconl337-master-zoinq:l337-Master-Zoinq 2 3
Hailku Bordering on the Absurd
Lone Leaf
A lonely leaf holds
Swaying in the violent wind
Dreaming of rebirth
Flying Pigs
The world has gone mad
Flying Pigs Drift overhead
Hailing bar b que
Slowly advancing
Changes are besieging the
Hearts and minds of all
From across the land
Rising from graves and bordom
Undead minions awake
Evil undead wake
Just to be hunted and killed
By bad dialogue
The Absurd
My life is absurd
A realization the makes
Aliens crack up
:iconl337-master-zoinq:l337-Master-Zoinq 1 6
The Saga of Bat Boy
The Saga of Bat Boy
Gather round my friends,
And you shall hear
The story of Bat Boy. Unsure of how it ends
Though the end is coming near
So follows this tale here.
It was February, two thousand one
And in a West Virginia Cave
Deep in the dark away from the sun
So this here is my rave.
Dr. Don Dilton did discover
This two-foot tall man-creature
Impossible to have a normal mother.
The description was a feature
On the cover of the Weekly World News.
One year had passed
And all was quiet and well
Until one spring night and lightning fast
Bat Boy was gone from his steel cell
Searching high and low the scientist did
Until they found the monster, fool
That had been captured in LasVegas hid
In a lawyer's swimming pool.
Escaped again Bat Boy did
Running free and wild
This part monster part kid
Still able to keep hid
From the tabloid reading clowns
Then Bat Boy got in trouble
After a vicious attack on a 10 year old girl
Bursting her happy bubble
In the dreamland of Disney world.
Bat Boy left to
:iconl337-master-zoinq:l337-Master-Zoinq 1 0
Celtic Key Pattren by l337-Master-Zoinq Celtic Key Pattren :iconl337-master-zoinq:l337-Master-Zoinq 1 1
A Thousand Elephants
In A World Gone Mad
With A Thousand Elephants!
A billboard exclaims.
The Elephants must be the hard part.
After all, what is sanity, but
A agreed upon state of mind?
What if being sane was really crazy
And the insane really sane?
Look around
All have become the standard
All are treated as impossible ideals
In A World gone Mad
Hope we can find the elephants
:iconl337-master-zoinq:l337-Master-Zoinq 2 5
The Soapbox
"Who am I?"
     Sadly, to many this question is never acknowledged beyond the rhetorical sense.Today's generation of children has become lost in the never-ending game of politics, pawns for their parents power games to prove their self worth. I look around and find that the concept of social responsibility has become just another layer of gloss to add to a résumé. We have become numbers and words, not human beings, any one accomplishment on a list that spans forever can outweigh any character flaw, and this is the sad truth. In this highly competitive world of colleges and business, often the person becomes his or her accomplishments, mastered by what they have done.
     For disbelievers, regard this occurrence. Recently, the National Honor Society has inducted the newest members into my high schools chapter, and looking at the assembled crowd, I realize that most of these people have let themselves become ruled by statistics, the cha
:iconl337-master-zoinq:l337-Master-Zoinq 2 5
The Junior Gamble
Caffeine fueling me
As numbers dictate my life
Like dirty gambles
In riverboat casinos,
I brew my future with chips.
These chips have gone stale
Pale; just choose like the lion
Armored with a score
Saracen bolts are replaced
By color, the chips are down
The pot has come to
A head, brewing our future
In just a little
We will be forced to drink it
Like fine wine, we are bouqueted
The key to our salvation
Is also the door.
In front of the connoisseurs
Our labels draw attention
All faults can be hid
Behind a glossy package
"Yes, I can compute,
Translate Latin gods to men
Wave a pen with razzmatazz.
Razzles dazzle them;
Even if you're reach-me-downs
All is justified
Uncorked the application
Flows freely to the critics
Success is looming
As hopes are turned to the weft
Left behind, you find
You've jumped all the rest:
Application's back, and ivy-wrapt.
Ivy leaves in your
Eyes; Leagues long you, sugared, rise
The aged glimmer
Of well-worn stone beguiles
Your cup sweetened wit
:iconl337-master-zoinq:l337-Master-Zoinq 1 4
West Campus: Saturday Morning by l337-Master-Zoinq West Campus: Saturday Morning :iconl337-master-zoinq:l337-Master-Zoinq 2 1 Winter Blossoms by Aeires Winter Blossoms :iconaeires:Aeires 32 73 mini-con shirt by Lepas mini-con shirt :iconlepas:Lepas 17 23 Alice my love by scelus Alice my love :iconscelus:scelus 17 20



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well ive been playing around with writing stories and im not sure...

should i post them?  yay or nay??


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